How to Shake Hands like a Gentleman


Handshakes are an important part of everyday life, but they can also be awkward. It’s not always easy to know how to properly shake someone’s hand, but the good news is that there are simple handshaking tips you can follow to make sure it’s done properly. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the dos and don’ts of handshaking, so you can leave a good impression on everyone you meet.

A handshake is a gesture of greeting, introduction, or farewell. When done correctly, it is a sign of politeness and good breeding.

The handshake features two basic parts: the grip, which involves maintaining contact between the palm of the hand and the fingers, and the shake, which involves a twisting motion on the wrist.

First, fold your index fingers into your palm. Then, spread your fingers so they are bent slightly upward, but do not bend your hand. The hand should be held with its palm facing up. Finally, grasp the other person’s hand, with the tips of your index fingers and thumbs touching.

While maintaining contact with the other person’s hand, and slightly relax your grip, twist your wrist in a clockwise motion. The other person’s hand will rotate as well. Make sure you don’t grip too tightly. If you grip too tightly, you will hurt the other person’s hand.

good handshake like gentleman

When the other person’s hand is straight again, continue the handshake by keeping the contact between your two hands. Then, release the wrist twist, and repeat.

When done with the handshake, clasp the hands close together, and bow slightly to show your gratitude.

Don’t forget that meetings or negotiations often begin with handshakes. Then, when it’s time to seal the deal, shake hands again to seal your agreement.

There are a few key things to remember when shaking hands

First, always offer your hand to the other person. Second, make sure your hand is clean and dry. Third, grip the other person’s hand firmly, but not too tightly. Fourth, shake hands for a few seconds. Fifth, be sure to smile! Sixth, release the other person’s hand first. Seventh, make sure to keep your hands at your sides when you’re done shaking hands.

A handshake is not a hug, so don’t hug the other person.

A handshake is a hand gesture that is commonly used to show respect, or as a greeting. A formal handshake usually consists of making a fist with your hand and then holding it straight out in front of you, palm facing the person you’re greeting or dealing with.

While a handshake is most often used with people, it can also be used when greeting animals. For dogs, a simple person to person handshake is sufficient. On the other hand, for horses, a more formal horse to person handshake is used.

When greeting a horse, you follow the same procedure as when you greet a person. However, instead of simply having the horse hold your fist, the horse will kneel in front of you, and place your fist on their forehead.

When a horse kneels in front of you, they are showing you respect. So, you should hold your fist out in front of them with your palm up.

As the name implies, horses are predatory animals. When a horse kneels in front of you, they are showing you respect, so you should not respond by hugging them.

Don’t use your teeth to grip the other person’s hand.

It is never advisable to use your teeth to grip the other person’s hand. Avoid using your teeth (or worse, your fingernails) to grip the other person’s hand. It’s common to see people doing this when they are shaking hands. It’s exhausting, and such a bad habit for a first-time meeting.

It’s much better if you just slowly shake a hand, and use your other hand to firmly and politely grip the other person’s hand.

Don’t shake hands while you’re eating or drinking.

Some traditional etiquette rules may seem outdated, but others are important to remember. For example, don’t shake hands while you’re eating or drinking. It may seem innocuous, but shaking someone’s hand while they’re holding food is rude.

The same goes for alcohol. Don’t shake hands with someone while they’re drinking.

In addition, don’t shake a woman’s hand if she’s wearing a ring, and don’t shake the hand of a man when you’ve just met. Shaking hands is a conversation opener so feel free to do it, but wait until the person has had a chance to get to know you better.


So, how do you shake hands? First, make sure you have a firm grasp. Next, extend your hand while maintaining eye contact and a firm grip. As you shake, use your right hand to move the other person’s hand up and down while your right-hand moves the same distance.

Finally, release your left hand as your right-hand releases the shake. Hopefully, these handshaking tips will help you make a lasting impression everywhere you go.

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